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Political Science 150: International Relations In Theory and Practice.

#20: Week 11: Friday, November15: 1st STUDENT DEBATE: Should the U.S. attack Iraq to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction?

The following list Scholarly and Policy Journals of books and articles was created by Teaching Assistants David Faris and Ed Webb to help students prepare for the debate about the proposed military intervention in Iraq. The list should be viewed as Scholarly and Policy Journals a starting point for discussion rather than a comprehensive list of all points of view on the subject.

Scholarly and Policy Journals Iraq/US General

TI: Iraq after Saddam.
SO: Washington Scholarly and Policy Journals Quarterly 24 (4), 2001: 151-162.

TI: Iraq: economic sanctions and consequences, 1990-2000.
SO: Third World Quarterly 22 (2), Apr. 2001: 177-189.

TI: Iraq [and the US]: the exception to the rule.
SO: Washington Quarterly 24 (1), Winter 2001: 125-137.

OYES,-James-H Scholarly and Policy Journals.
TI: Fallacies, smoke and [US] pipe dreams: forcing change in Iran and Iraq.
SO: Middle East Policy 7 (3), June 2000: 28-50.

TI: Let Iraq collapse.
SO: The National Interest 45, Fall 96: 48-60.

GUNTER Scholarly and Policy Journals,-Michael-M.
TI: A de facto Kurdish state in Northern Iraq.
SO: Third World Quarterlyl 14 (2), 1993: 295-319.

TI: The fate of the Kurds.
SO: Foreign Affairs 72 (2), Spring 93: 108-121.

^ Containment and Pre-emption

Differentiated Scholarly and Policy Journals Containment by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft and Richard Murphy.
(Foreign Affairs, May/ June 1997)

The Illogic of Dual Containment by F. Gregory Gause III.
(Foreign Affairs, March/April 1994)

America's Unyielding Policy Toward Scholarly and Policy Journals Iraq by Eric Rouleau.
(Foreign Affairs, January/February 1995)

Next Stop Baghdad? by Kenneth M. Pollack.
(Foreign Affairs, March/April 2002)

The Rollback Fantasy by Daniel Byman, Kenneth Pollack, and Gideon Rose.
(Foreign Scholarly and Policy Journals Affairs, January/February 1999)


TI: Can the United States influence the WMD [Weapons of Mass Destruction] policies of Iraq and Iran?
SO: Nonproliferation Review 7 (2), Summer 2000: 63-76.

Richard Wilson - Nuclear Proliferation and the Case of Scholarly and Policy Journals Iraq (Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. 20, No. 3. (Spring, 1991), pp. 5-15)

Thomas L. McNaugher - Ballistic Missiles and Chemical Weapons: The Legacy of the Iran-Iraq War (International Security, Vol. 15, No. 2. (Autumn, 1990), pp Scholarly and Policy Journals. 5-34)

F.R Jordan - Iran and Iraq: the proliferation challenge (Peace Research Abstracts 36, no. 3 (1999)) (JX1901 .P38)

Scott D. Sagan - Accidents Waiting to Happen - The Perils of Proliferation: Organization Theory, Deterrence Theory, and the Scholarly and Policy Journals Spread of Nuclear Weapons (International Security, Vol. 18, No. 4. (Spring, 1994), pp. 66-107)

David J. Karl - Proliferation Pessimism and Emerging Nuclear Powers (International Security, Vol. 21, No. 3. (Winter, 1996-1997), pp. 87-11)

Khalil Dokhanchi - Review Essay: US Foreign Policy Scholarly and Policy Journals towards Rogue States and Weapon Proliferation (Journal of Peace Research, Vol. 33, No. 2. (May, 1996), pp. 241-244)


Book review: Human Rights in the Emerging Global Order: A New Sovereignty? by Kurt Mills (MacMillan Press/Great Britain; St. Martin Scholarly and Policy Journals's Press/USA, 1998).

Michael Hardt on Sovereignty (letter to the editors – Theory & Event)

Daniel Philpott - Usurping the Sovereignty of Sovereignty? (World Politics - Volume 53, Issue 2 2001 Review essay)

Sarah Graham-Brown - Intervention, Sovereignty Scholarly and Policy Journals and Responsibility (Middle East Report, No. 193, The Iraq Sanctions Dilemma. (Mar. - Apr., 1995), pp. 2-12+32)

J. Samuel Barkin & Bruce Cronin - The State and the Nation: Changing Norms and the Rules of Sovereignty Scholarly and Policy Journals in International Relations (International Organization, Vol. 48, No. 1. (Winter, 1994), pp. 107-130)

Janice E. Thomson- State Sovereignty in International Relations: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Empirical Research (International Studies Quarterly, Vol. 39, No. 2. (Jun., 1995), pp. 213-233)

Paul Taylor - The Scholarly and Policy Journals United Nations in the 1990s: Proactive Cosmopolitanism and the Issue of Sovereignty (Political Studies 47, no. 3 (1999): 538-565) (available via ECO – no stable URL)



Mackey, Sandra, 1937-


The reckoning : Iraq and Scholarly and Policy Journals the legacy of Saddam Hussein / Sandra Mackey


Deaver, Michael V., 1963-


Disarming Iraq : monitoring power and resistance / Michael V. Deaver.


Tripp, Charles.


A history of Iraq / Charles Tripp.


Gunter, Michael M Scholarly and Policy Journals.


The Kurdish predicament in Iraq : a political analysis / Michael M. Gunter

Author: Makiya, Kanan.

Title: Cruelty and silence : war, tyranny, uprising and the Arab World

(DS79.736.M35 1993)

Author: Chomsky, Noam Scholarly and Policy Journals et al

Title: Acts of aggression : policing "rogue states" / Noam Chomsky, Ramsey Clark,

Edward W. Said (pamplet - E183.8.I57 C48 1999)
^ Mass Media

FOREIGN DESK | July 28, 2002  $
Kurds Savor Golden Age That May Prove Fleeting
By Scholarly and Policy Journals JOHN F. BURNS (NYT) 2862 words

The Case Against War

Stephen Zunes rebuts the arguments put forward by proponents of an invasion of Iraq. (The Nation)

No Choice but War? Paul Starr explains why he Scholarly and Policy Journals should be among the supporters of a war on Iraq -- but isn't. [9.13.02] (The American Prospect)

BBC News Online's World Affairs correspondent Paul Reynolds examines how important oil Scholarly and Policy Journals is in the stand off between the Iraq and the United States.

Following available through Lexis-Nexus: (first two set out the case in international law)

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH(LONDON), September 19, 2002, Thursday Scholarly and Policy Journals, Pg. 23, 975 words, Iraq attack can be justified as collective self-defence There is no defence to

nuclear weapons: once deployed the damage is irreversible, By JOSHUA ROZENBERG

The Guardian (London), September 17, 2002, Guardian Features Pages, Pg Scholarly and Policy Journals. 16,

1606 words, Law: The case for war: Adam Roberts on why military action against

Iraq can be legally justified, Adam Roberts

The Jerusalem Post, September 20, 2002, Friday, OPINION; Pg. 9B, 1261 words, Iraq can Scholarly and Policy Journals become a democracy, Amir Taheri

The Baltimore Sun, August 25, 2002 Sunday, FINAL Edition, Pg. 1F, 1411 words, AFTER SADDAM HUSSEIN: THEN WHAT?; As much as nations despise Iraq's

villainous president, many Scholarly and Policy Journals fear a U.S. attack to get rid of him would do more

harm than good - in Iraq, to its nervous neighbors, and beyond., Michael Hill

The Guardian (London), August 13, 2002, Guardian Leader Pages, Pg Scholarly and Policy Journals. 14, 1149

words, Comment & Analysis: The US has got it right: the case for war is irresistible: Regime change in Iraq will benefit the country and the region, Bruce Anderson